Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Mysterious King

Once, there was a Kingdom with a mysterious rule for the King, who rules the Kingdom. The rule is “The King can rule the kingdom only for five years. On successful completion of his term, he’ll be left alone, in the inhabitable Forest, filled with wild animals that exist beside the Kingdom.  Those who go there will surely die as a prey to wild animals.

The First king ruled the Kingdom for five years. Each day the King feared about the day he would be left alone in the forest to die. His fear of death had made him an inefficient King and he was not able to concentrate on ruling. After completing his term, he was carried away by his servants and was left alone in the forest.

The Second king came to rule. He was so scared because he saw the fate of him right in front of his eyes, when the First king was leaving. He ruled the Kingdom only for three years. He died on the third year because of the fear and the stress.

The third king took over the kingdom. He was ruling happily and efficiently from the first day he became the king. The People were so happy during his period. He was never worried about what was about to come. He enjoyed every day of his life. His term was about to complete within a few days. The people were so sad that they are going to miss a good King. But the King never seemed to worry about the same. The day came and the King was about to leave the kingdom. Huge crowd was standing to send him off. The King waved his hand to the people and went happily.

One of his ministers asked him, “King, are you not afraid about your future?”

The King smiled and replied,” There is no reason to be afraid. On the First year of my term, when we fought with our neighboring kingdom, I asked all the slaves who lost to us, to go to the Forest and rehabilitate it. On the Second year of my term, I helped them to form a civilization there. On the third year of my term, I’ve asked the people over there to kill all the wild animals. On the fourth year of my term, I’ve taught the People how to cultivate, trade, learn. On the fifth year of my term, I’ve built a huge Palace over there and have created a Kingdom over there. Now my Job is to go there and be a King there too.”